Our market intelligence products

KLIKER is collecting and comparing the online offer, processing the data, and reporting it with just one click. We analyze competition on the market by following 1.500.000 URL addresses in 17 countries.

If something is online, we will catch it. There is no more doubt about the market intelligence information you get from different sources – our accurate and precise data is served as a base for your business decisions. With two data imports daily, our software will notice every novelty and every change on the market. Daily usage of KLIKER gives you a competitive advantage over competitors.

We have developed three specialized market intelligence products, designed to provide key KPI’s and market insights for different stakeholders in the industry.



Kliker market logo

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KLIKER market

KLIKER market is a specialized market intelligence tool that collects online supply of goods from selected retailers on the observed market.

Covering all four P’s of marketing mix – product, price, promotion, placement – KLIKER Market becomes your everyday companion in monitoring and managing the retail market.

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KLIKER telco

KLIKER telco is a web-based solution for head-to-head tariff plans comparison with smartphone offer analytics.

By comparing TCD and TCO on daily basis, through all tariffs available on the market, KLIKER telco provides an advanced display share analytics and customized reports for each client.

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KLIKER where2buy

KLIKER where2buy is a service that enables vendors to apply real-time information about their products on own product pages.

Every customer chooses which information will be shown, from the total data set available: pricing, availability (on stock/out of stock) and promotion status.

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