New retailers in KLIKER market - December 2020

In December 2020, new retailers have been added to KLIKER market retailer base, active on the markets of Slovenia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Montenegro. 

Pareto rule - 80/20

Pareto's rule applied to market analysis says that 80% of the market's volume is made by 20% of the market's players.

KLIKER team is dedicated to providing an accurate market overview in real-time, so our goal is to include relevant active retailers with an online presence on the observed market, that make from a minimum of 80% to optimally 90% of volumes or revenues.

Nevertheless, we are monitoring the market constantly and adding new retailers to our database: incumbent brick&mortar retailers that set online as strategically important, or new market entrants with ambitious plans. 

In December 2020, the following retailers have been added to KLIKER market: 

SLOVENIA: Aliansa, Emundia, Shoppster

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Kupi tehniku, Techno Shop, Zeus

MONTENEGRO: Eurotehnika, Multicom retail, Techno plus

Categories per retailer may vary.

This means that from the total number of categories we analyze some retailers may not have all in their portfolio. If a retailer introduces new product categories in its portfolio, it will be updated also in KLIKER market app. 

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