KLIKER market
KLIKER market
Track your products, prices, promotions and competitors
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Market intelligence tool for professionals

KLIKER market is a specialized market intelligence tool that collects
online offers of goods from selected retailers on the observed market.

Representing the market data through tables, graphs, and charts, KLIKER market is helping you
in price comparison, competition monitoring and dynamic pricing.



What can I find in KLIKER market?

My market

advanced search engine with detailed breakdown of current goods availability (SKU per retailer)

Advanced product analytics

detailed price range and SKU count analytics per tech specification, brand and retail

Find direct competitor

option in My market that is seeking for direct competitor with same specs

Daily & weekly exports

custom made reports tailored to your needs, delivered to predefined emails

Display share

digital shelf share in total market – today and 12 months trends; % and position count


set your personal KPI’s  (ex. digital shelf share, product competitiveness) and track them daily

Brand portfolio

product portfolio count per category, brand and retailer

Promotion brand share

all market promotions structured by category, retail and brand , for a selected time frame

New products

new listings on the market, sorted by retailer, brand or model, with prices and basic specs

Product info

technical specifications, images and product descriptions as on retailer’s websites

Stock change

who had stock yesterday, but does not have today (and reverse)

Crashed promotion

your promo products for which other retailers are advertising more competitive price

Price history

graphical view of price trends for all retailers on the market

Price change

who changed the prices today, for which products; old price and new price with color-coded trend

Average price

average RRP for the selected category with history view and trends

Best price analysis

best price among comparable products or among retailers

Specialized KLIKER market modules


module for vendors designed to present key features of supply for effective brand management

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module for wholesalers and distributors designed to present key data points to improve retail chain supply

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module for retailers designed to present key competitor insights on a selected market (country)

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Whether you are a vendor, wholesaler, or retailer you can observe the market from your particular business point of interest.

Should you have specific demands relating to your business, KLIKER market can easily adjust to it going into additional details, just in a way your business requires.

Market data as a powerful tool

KLIKER market monitors the market 24/7 which enables an instant comparison of different retailers and their offers. Our software provides the preview of a desired market in real-time with a daily report showing market fluctuations.

No more surprises with competitors’ new models listed in, or price decrease on already announced sale discounts.

Now you may eliminate possibilities of launching new products beyond a real price.

You have an instant survey of how effective your promotion investment is in relation to the sales increase both in the online market and retail itself.

Track new market trends that inspire launching new sales ideas.

Whether you are manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer your sales team is fully informed and ready to sell new quantities easily, by using KLIKER market only 15 minutes a day.

Without IT administrator’s approval or additional PC setups, simply enter your user name and password into the web browser and the whole market is there for you – open on your desktop.


Do you have a new employee?

We guarantee that your new colleague will not need several months to get familiar with the products, competition, and the market.

For every new employee who will actively be using KLIKER market, we will set up individual onboarding training.

Our training covers in-app navigation and business usage of presented market data in everyday work activities. Your new team member can have a total market overview in few weeks.

How to use KLIKER?

Without any additional settings or installations, our dashboard shows the current market situation. Upon login, KLIKER market is customized to your view of the market.

KLIKER market is very user-friendly and with just 1-hour training the user is fully familiar with the application.

Both internal and external reporting can be completed in a much shorter period once you get to know where to find and how to export the market data you need.

Brand management module

  • Vendors can have different regional organizations through markets, depending on the brand’s size, share, and growth phase. Market leaders usually have office in every country they are present, with a country manager or brand manager dedicated to this market.
  • Frequent and detailed reporting is a common practice in multinational companies. Centralized business functions like product development or marketing must have a clear picture of all markets, to make the right business decisions and ensure the growth of their brand.

KLIKER market, more specifically vendor’s module is designed for these two roles: brand management and reporting and business analytics.


The strategic brand management process can be defined as involving four main steps:

Identifying and establishing brand positioning and values

Planning and implementing brand marketing programs

Measuring and interpreting brand performance

Growing and sustaining brand equity

Source springer.com

How can KLIKER market help to a brand manager?

Insights and market knowledge that a local brand manager brings to his company is of crucial importance.

In that process, KLIKER market is his biggest ally. Focusing on stages 3 and 4, brand manager requires accurate and momentarily available data on his brand performance on the market, in order to make decisions and moves that leads his brand further up the planned growth trajectory.


Big data analytics is not a buzzword for years now, but a basic business process for companies that want to be data-driven in their development. Big data analytics has the aim of uncovering the hidden patterns, correlations and to give insights for making proper business decisions. KLIKER market is a tool designed exactly for this.


Every vendor has unique internal processes and requirements. We recognize that need, so we offer personalized market data report development based on your needs – daily, weekly, monthly, in xls, csv, pdf.  You specify, we deliver.

We use the market  data we collect in 2 ways:
1. we analyze and organize it in KLIKER market dashboard
2. we serve it to our customers through API – for personalized use and direct integration with own reporting systems

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Supply chain management module

In today’s world of global trade, complex logistic operations that try to shorten the lead times, but cannot affect the short customer attention span, the role of wholesalers (distributors) is almost priceless. For highly segmented markets like European (fairly small countries, many different languages) vendors mostly use distributors as a go-to-market model.

Range of services and activities that wholesalers provide to their principals vary from stocking, delivery and invoicing to customers to full market coverage, including channel marketing and customer service.

KLIKER market serves as a tool in both cases.

Purchasing managers, product managers, and sales managers in wholesaler’s companies use KLIKER market every day to:

  • check channel coverage for a desired SKU – plan your fulfillment deliveries
  • analyze promotions share for a selected retailer
  • compare your brand’s performance with competitor’s on the selected market, for a selected period


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Retail management module

If we had a task to list the biggest challenges for retailers today, the list would look something like this:

  • managing a great number of different categories with large number of SKU’s per category
  • fast changes in competitor’s offers and promotions
  • optimizing promotions to achieve profitable sell-out and minimize goods on stock
  • consumers shift online and search for a lot of information before purchase


KLIKER market helps you with every point stated above.

  • Access to a full market picture for a selected category on one screen – no more searching one SKU at a time, KLIKER market gives you all the market data in one place.
  • Follow changes in competitor’s offer through alerts – new products, price change, availability.
  • Plan your promotions according to competitor’s promotion sample – avoid heavy investment in a promotion that is crashed by a competitor, or plan a heavy investment in crashing their promotions.
  • Be ready for negotiations with vendors or wholesalers – do your research before the meeting, get to know the offer your competition has, and use it as your leverage.
  • Make your webshop a familiar and welcoming place for your customers – provide them with an optimal product portfolio, placing the right products at a competitive price.

Create conversions!

Allow your customers to make a purchase decision easier and faster – by providing all data about the product.