We are a market intelligence vendor specialized in providing structured market intelligence data in real time, focusing on consumer electronic markets in Europe, Middle East and Russia


Our mission is to enable our customers to

Maintain profitable product portfolio,
Provide competitive pricing,
Manage successful promo activities,
Achieve a winning placement on their market.

Geographically, focus will be EMEA Region.


We want to be a full-service market intelligence data vendor, by providing:

Custom market data reports for previous periods,
Real-time market situation through intuitive and easy-to-use online platform,
AI driven market forecasting.

Kliker will follow customer needs and global trends, constantly enriching portfolio with new product categories -. from consumer electronics to FMCG goods.

Our values

Our core values are innovation, excellence and strong customer focus.

Strategio team

20 years of experience in brand management, retail chain management, supply chain management and distribution.

Comprehensive knowledge of the industry work-flow, challenges and pain points.

In-house software development team.

Our market intelligence products

Strategio started developing KLIKER and PHONERA back in 2016. In December 2020 these two product were united under one brand KLIKER, creating distinction by adding a descriptive word:

KLIKER market (formerly known as KLIKER), KLIKER telco (formerly known as Phonera) and KLIKER where2buy (new product).