Price Comparison
Price Comparison
Full market overview in real time
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Price Comparison made easy

Competitive pricing doesn’t mean simply having the lowest prices, it means you need to provide the value your customers expect. Since customers compare prices, businesses should too.



My Market – the heart of KLIKER

My Market screen in KLIKER is the best place for price comparison. It provides structured information obtained from the market in a grid view, with visually emphasized market leaders for each SKU.

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How to compare prices?

  • If you are a retailer, the most valuable information will be competitors' positions for products in your offer.
  • If you are a distributor, compare all retailers with products on offer - analyse retailers which are your customers, but also the ones working with other distributors.
  • If you are a vendor, analyse retailers' offers and compare pricing versus your MRSP.

KLIKER provides valuable market insights for all cases. Custom reports available on request. 

What are the elements of Price Comparison?

Price comparison is more than just comparing two numbers.


In every price field in My Market regular price is shown, as a base for price comparison.


Lowest price from the website is shown here: web price (permanent online discount) or promotion price (temporary).


Price history graph can show you valuable information on promotion cycles for every retailer.

Price Optimisation

Every business has a goal of maximizing profit.
KLIKER provides market insights that will help you make decisions in that direction. Price comparison is just step 1. After that, users can make thorough portfolio analysis, promotion analysis and optimize the offer according to it.

We can help you in optimizing your pricing strategy and maximizing profits. Click on the button below if you want to talk with us.