Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic Pricing
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Dynamic Pricing for eCommerce

Dynamic Pricing is a pricing strategy in which businesses dynamically adjust the pricing for the products and services based both on current market demand and other external and internal factors.



KLIKER module for Dynamic Pricing

KLIKER market offers dynamic pricing module for eCommerce that is serving price and competition analysis to dynamic pricing software through API.

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Dynamic pricing benefits for retailers

  • Higher profit
  • Greater control
  • Being flexible
  • Partial or full automation
  • Learn from errors

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How to Implement Dynamic pricing in eCommerce?

For eCommerce to implement dynamic pricing, three things are needed:


Defining the overall strategy, for each product category or based on the product brand


3rd party or as a part of eCommerce platform


Price & competition analytics software -> KLIKER market input

How to set dynamic pricing on a product level?

For each product, the following data can be used:

and more.

  • number of retailers offering that product
  • lowest selling price
  • retailer with the lowest price
  • average selling price
  • my current price position on the market


Start your dynamic pricing today!

Define your strategy, find pricing software and prepare data sources and inputs for price calculation algorithms. We can help you with that, so click on the button below if you want to talk with us.