Competition Monitoring
Competition Monitoring
Full market overview in real time
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How can KLIKER help you?

Find the most important information about your competitors’ offers in KLIKER: 

  • which new products were published
  • price repositioning (promotions, new pricing)
  • stock level (available, unavailable)
  • crashed promotion.



Market Changes module

There is a special module in KLIKER market for competition monitoring – Market changes module. Every day refreshed with new relevant data.




Who are your competitors?

  • If you are a retailer - other retailers and eCommerce businesses.
  • If you are a distributor - other brands, other distributors, and retailers who buy from other distributors.
  • If you are a vendor - other brands.

KLIKER provides valuable market insights for all cases. Custom reports available on request.

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How to organize competition monitoring process?

We recommend using KLIKER regularly for best results. Here is our suggestion:

DAILY 5-10 min

Check new product listings, price changes (repositionings), stock changes (availability) and crashed promotion

WEEKLY 15-20 min

Download weekly report and analyse your competitiveness index

MONTHLY 30-60 min

Analyse brand share and promotion brand share for all competitors

How to monitor competitors?

For every competitor, the following data can be obtained:

  • complete list of SKUs per product category
  • price history per SKU
  • promotion history per SKU
  • promotion brand share for a selected period
  • average selling price
  • competitiveness index


Structure your Competition monitoring process today!

Define your main competitors, find their weak points and use accurate market insights to optimize your offer and to increase your market share. We can help you with that, so click on the button below if you want to talk with us.