New retailers in KLIKER market - July 2021

New retailers in KLIKER market - July 2021

We are continuously adding new retailers to KLIKER market database, in order to increase market coverage and bring better and more accurate data to our customers.  

In July 2021, 12 new retailers have been added to our retailer's base.

Pareto 80/20

Commonly used Pareto's rule 80/20 applied to our case says that 80% of the market's volume is made by 20% of the market's players (retailers). This means that for a proper market overview it is not necessary to track all active retailers on the observed market, but the ones that make 80-90% of total volumes or revenues.

Market circumstances change with time, and we are monitoring the market constantly and adding new retailers to our database. 

New retailers added in July 2021

In July 2021, the following retailers have been added to KLIKER market: 



HUNGARY: Xiaomi shop, Xiaomi

NORTH MACEDONIA: Datika,  Agrotehna, Anhoch

SLOVENIA: Sgermobil

SERBIA: Xiaomi, Positive line

Categories per retailer may vary.

This means that from the total number of categories we analyze (nearly 30 product categories in July 2021) some retailers may have only 4 or 5 in their portfolio, so those will be included in KLIKER market base. If a retailer introduces new product categories afterward, we will gladly include them in KLIKER market. 

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If you are working in a vendor, distributor, or retail company in some of the markets mentioned above, you might find KLIKER useful.

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