Hero products

Hero products

In today's world of online retail, which is growing by day, the most important thing is to be competitive. Therefore, we have introduced a new component in KLIKER with which you will be able to see your competitiveness on the market in a simple and fast way and help in creating strategic plans.

So, what exactly are "Hero Products"?

These are the products that occupy a special place in the offer catalog of each merchant because they appear right at the beginning of the catalog of the merchant category.

Unleash the Power of Hero Products

With this latest update, you can now easily see brand display share for top products directly from the "Monthly display  share" graph on your dashboard. Accessing this valuable information is easy - All you have to do is click the "All Products" button and you'll instantly get access to in-depth analysis for both the Top 20  and Top 50  products  i.e. the first 20 or 50 models, and will be able to easily track the performance of the catalog.

Top 20 and Top 50 Products

You can now explore analytics for both Top 20 and Top 50 products—the top 20 or 50 models in the beginning of the catalog of the merchant category. This means that you can easily monitor the appearance of your most important products.

Uncover Retailer Insights

With this analytics you will see which products in which categories each individual retailer is prioritizing.

In the given example below, it is evident that most displayable brand currently holds  50 % of the first 20 displayed products in the Notebook catalog on the e-commerce website in Croatia.

Hero products

Empower Your Decision-Making Process

This graph will help you understand the representation of a certain brand in the top 20 or top 50 products in the catalog of the selected retailer.

These are just some of the possibilities that KLIKER offers and if you are interested in the wider picture:


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